My fee is $150.00 per session for the first ten sessions.  Following the tenth session, my fee is $120.00.  Sessions are 50 minutes.

Medicare rebate

As of May 2018, the Medicare rebate per consultation with a registered psychologist is $84.80.  Medicare will rebate up to ten psychological consultations per calendar year.  To be eligible for a rebate, a patient must be referred by a GP, paediatrician or psychiatrist.  If symptoms meet Medicare’s criteria for psychological consultations, your doctor will issue a Mental Health Care Plan and referral.  The initial referral from your doctor entitles you to six rebated psychology consultations.  If additional sessions are indicated, it is then necessary to get another referral from your doctor to claim up to four additional psychology consultations per calendar year.

You do not need a referral from a doctor to see a psychologist. You can simply call direct and book a consultation. It just means that you cannot claim a Medicare rebate if you don’t have a referral. Some patients book directly because it caters to their privacy concerns, they may not be eligible for a Medicare rebate, or they want a therapeutic approach which is not restricted by Medicare’s rules.


Patients who are eligible for this program can receive from eight fully-funded psychological sessions per calendar year.  Access to this program requires an assessment of eligibility and referral process which is co-ordinated through your GP.   The program is funded by the Sydney North Primary Health Network.

Private health company rebates

Some private health funds offer rebates for psychological services. You will need to discuss this with your health fund.